Announcement of Fujian Medical University on Selection of Educational Institutions for Publicizing Information of International Student Recruitment


In order to further enhance our international reputation and schooling quality, improve our recruitment access and attract more excellent international students who aspire to practise medicine and have further study in medicine in Fujian Medical University (FMU), we propose to select qualified foreign and domestic educational institutions to assist FMU in publicizing information of international student recruitment.

         Ⅰ.Materials required to be provided by foreign and domestic educational institutions:

           1. Business license or tax registration certificate

           2. Introduction of the institution (in both Chinese and English)

           3. Identification document of the legal representative (passport for foreigners, ID card for Chinese)

           4. Identification document of the representative who is authorized to sign contract agreement (passport for foreigners, ID card for Chinese) and authorization letter issued by the institution

         II. Contact information:

             Ms. Chen, Teaching and Research Office, Overseas Education College, Fujian Medical University

             Tel.: 591-22862611, 18950456331


Fujian Medical University

Date: November 30, 2017